Curious. Stubborn. Talktive.
Born in 93.

I'm Diogo. I'm a portuguese programmer and (aspiring) designer. I’m currently writing this from London but I live most of my time between Braga and Apúlia, both in the north of Portugal. I recently quit my job to follow my dream of buiding a company.

I like to think of myself as curious. I'm always interested in something, be it computers, programming, designing or mind related stuff. How we think. How we behave. Why we do certain things. And how we end up in certain mental conditions. Reflecting and acting on this helped me overcome my worst times and made space for my best times.

I really love the freedom to think loosely. My best ideas come when I'm not constrained.

I get most of my knowledge by reading books. Also talking to people. Everyone can teach us something. I'm very lucky that I have handful of smart people in my life (thank you!). Also doing different things or doing things differently, helps me think different.

I like to walk. I also enjoy sunny days. Getting vitamin D improves my mood. I like to watch the sunset. I like to watch the stars in a dark sky and wonder about the infinite.

Some of my secret mood boosters are waking up without an alarm, but also doing a workout, sometimes in the gym other times outdoors.

My favourite way to socialize is around the fireplace, call me old school, but there are few things better than talking while warm, relaxed and amused by the fire. In the summer I like to be in the mountains or near the river or the sea.

Work wise, I'm a fan of remote working. It gives more freedom to work, and I'm all in on that. In my experience the best work happens outside of the work schedule. I believe that small driven teams can accomplish a lot. Also that software is eating the world.

Some pictures of my 27 years old self 👇️

Diogo enjoying the view in Fafe.
Diogo at the sunset in Aveiro.
Diogo enjoying the view in Fafe